Task T0

Coordination, Valorisation and Transfer

Task leader: Jérôme GENSEL – LIG
Participants: M. Villanova-Oliver, C. Bernard (LIG); H. Dao (ISE), G. Di Marzo, S. Marchand-Maillet (CUI), C. Cruz (LIB)


This task carries out the coordination, management and valorisation of the project. It coordinates the interactions between the other tasks and ensures that the project objectives are achieved, the expected deliverables are in line with the objectives defined and respect the deadlines set, and the results produced within the project are compatible. The project coordinator will be responsible for the representation of the consortium to the ANR authorities, the valorisation of the project, at the national and international levels, and the sustainability of the results obtained.


A0.1 – Project Web Site Management: aims to design and update a Web site in order to facilitate the valorisation of the project and the dissemination of the results. It will contain information describing the objectives of the project, the progress and results obtained, publications, prototypes, etc.

A0.2 – Animation and follow-up: aims to animate and carry out the follow-up of the project. A monitoring committee composed of Tasks leaders will be created. Bi-annual plenary meetings and annual meetings of the monitoring committee will be organized. The objective of the plenary meetings is to share and assimilate the concepts and methods proposed by the partners, and to decide on orientations according to the results obtained. The meetings of the monitoring committee will focus on financial and scientific assessments. The project coordinator will be responsible for the writing of intermediate and final reports. Bilateral exchanges and long visits between partners will be encouraged.

A0.3 – Communication, promotion and transfer: aims to communicate and valorise the project through different communication channels: publications and presentations in national and international conferences, social networks and media. A closing seminar will be organized to present the final results of the project. This activity also encompasses the description of the Data Management Plan and the definition and monitoring of the transfer strategy.


Activity Caption Type Deadline
A0.1 D0.1 TRACES Project Web Site Web Site M1 (+ update)
A0.2 D0.2.1 Intermediary and final reports Report M21, M42
  D0.2.2 Data Management Plan Report M6
A0.3 D0.3 Closing Seminar Seminar M42